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Tips & Tricks to Help You Look & Sound Better on Zoom

Today, we’re all working from home and using Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams Google Meet and other online meeting tools more than ever before. Whether staying connected with your team, attending classes, or keeping in touch with family and friends, follow along and learn how to establish deeper connections and enjoy your experience on Zoom.

How to Use Zoom Like an Pro

Here, you’ll find tips and tricks to help you look and sound great while on Zoom and other videoconferencing tools. Learn how to look and sound great by choosing a better HD webcam and improving your lighting. Get your audio dialed in so that your teammates, friends and family will be able to hear you with crystal clarity.

Why Do Zoom Meetings Better?

Already know how to set up a Zoom meeting? Great! Now it’s time to improve how you look and sound while on Zoom. Maybe you’re interviewing for that next job and want to look and sound your best. Or maybe you’re reading a bedtime story to a distant niece or grandchild and want them to be able to hear every word and see every expression on your face as you get the character voices just right. Or maybe you’re teaching online classes and want to keep your students engaged and attentive.

When you use Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams and other videoconferencing tools well, you want to stop worrying about blurry video or dropped audio and instead focus on what’s being said, presented, shared or taught. While nothing can take the place of actually being there, with a quality HD webcam and better audio setup, you can look at your screen, squint your eyes and almost imagine that the other person is sitting across the table from you.

If you’re interviewing for that next job, your interviewer will see and hear you clearly and take note of your ability to make a great impression. If you’re sharing a meal over Zoom with distant family members, you’ll hear and see them more clearly while staying home and staying safe. No matter if you’re teaching a class, preaching a sermon, or reading a bedtime story to a niece or grandson—follow along and learn how to look like a pro on Zoom. Ready to dive in?

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